Craig Brenton has succeeded as a Trial Lawyer,  Financial Advisor,  F.B.I. Special Agent,  Radio talk show host, and television business reporter.

Before retiring as a Financial Advisor, Craig managed  millions of dollars in client investment assets and taught  financial investment seminars to public corporations and private clients.  As an F.B.I. Special Agent, Craig apprehended federal fugitives, investigated bank robberies and kidnappings.

However, the first “fugitive” that Craig arrested was a 56-year-old man who had walked away from a halfway house 1 day before he was to be released upon completion of a 20-year prison sentence.  When Craig, proud of himself, finally captured the man after a 6-month search,  the fugitive’s first words were “Why did it take you so long. To find me?  I’m tired of working. I want to go back to prison.”   Craig’s  apologized to the man and told him that he was “new at this.”

As a lawyer, Craig litigated jury trials as a private attorney  and brought criminals to justice as a prosecutor. Craig also served as Executive Assistant  Superintendent of the Oregon State Police where he acted  as the chief policy and legal advisor testifying before the legislature, negotiating labor contracts, and assisting in the administration of a state agency.

Also,  Craig served for two years as the state treasurer of a major political party.  Later, as a business news reporter and analyst, Craig appeared daily for multiple live segments on the news and lifestyle program, “Good Day, Oregon,” for approximately four-and one-half years.

Craig and his wife Cindy are born again Christians with 6 children living in southwest Washington state. His youngest son is a high school freshman.  Five of his six children are adopted including (2) African American children.

Craig committed his life to Christ at age 28 while serving as a Special Agent for the F.B.I. in Seattle, Washington.  His wife, Cindy, accepted Christ as her personal savior a year later. Craig and Cindy raised their six children to make their own confession of Christ in the church and each child was baptized at their request.  Craig and Cindy also have eight grandchildren.

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