How do you find (Real) Prosperity
in a confused culture?

About Craig

Craig has done it all!  F.B.I. Special Agent capturing bank robbers and fugitives,  Trial Lawyer prosecuting and defending criminal cases, now retired Stockbroker who managed millions of dollars in client assets, former Business news Radio Host and Television Business News reporter,  State Treasurer of a major political party, Executive Assistant Superintendent, Oregon State Police.  Craig and his wife, Cindy are the proud parents of six children of which five are adopted.

About the Book

21 Weeks to (Real) Prosperity” will tell you why the “Name it and claim it  doctrine “ is a fake Christianity.  Instead, you will be empowered by 21 Biblical principles to embrace Real Prosperity in your  family, career, business,  and relationship to God.  As our book proclaims,  by adopting these principles of scripture, you will place yourself in the top 1% of Americans in your ability to achieve this kind of  prosperity in your life.




Coming later in 2024,  Craig's new podcast! 

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Welcome to my website!!

Here, we will explore the path to personal excellence and (real) prosperity laid out in the Bible.  We will show you the biblical principles key to success in your job, your business, your family, and, if you are a Christian, your relationship with God. Our society is promoting a lifestyle…

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