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Here, we will explore the path to personal excellence and (real) prosperity laid out in the Bible.  We will show you the biblical principles key to success in your job, your business, your family, and, if you are a Christian, your relationship with God.

Our society is promoting a lifestyle of video games, pornography, and marijuana for young men. Setting goals for personal success and achieving those goals is often frowned upon by hip culture. A young woman who desires marriage and children is discouraged by media promoting gender identity confusion, abortion, and denigration of long-term relationships in favor of job and career goals. Women today are encouraged to pursue short-term sexual relationships displayed in old TV shows such as Sex and the City.  Of course, women as well as men should be able to pursue both career goals and having a family.  Record numbers of women are now attending college in far greater numbers than men.  The flip side of this achievement, however, is that now more young women are subject to the woke teaching, social brainwashing and Marxist doctrines propagated by most colleges and universities today.

In young men, the very essence of masculinity is undermined. Instead, young men are told that masculine behavior is “toxic” and should be shed in favor of a feminized version of what a man should look like. Establishing traditional career goals, marriage  and raising a  family are deemphasized in favor of  shunning traditional  male leadership models and abandoning masculine character traits.

A negative attitude toward men who  display  an entrepreneurial  spirit is also pervasive. Young men are discouraged from taking the initiative in relationships, careers, and business. Instead, they are encouraged to be passive, subservient, and slothful. Fathers are marginalized and ridiculed on television and social media. Traditional values of honesty, hard work, and faith in God are being exchanged for an embrace of socialism, apathy, indolence, and even dishonesty.

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